Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the long running British science fiction show about a Time Lord from Gallifrey who tries to protect earth and occasionally regenerates his body into a new one, (thus allowing them to switch actors.)

As far as I am concerned, the series from 1963 to 1986 was not all that great.  I haven't seen all the episodes, or even close, but in general the episodes tend to be dreadfully slow.  Most of the stories dragged out over 3 or 4 episodes, and I have yet to see any that I really liked.  If someone could point out a few diamonds in the rough, then I would certainly watch them.

With the rebirth of the series in 2005 everything changed for the better.

For a year, Christopher Eccleston made a great Doctor Who, although maybe a little uptight.  Then along came David Tennant, who looked a little too juvenile in his first appearance, but turned out to be the best Doctor Who.  He was eventually replaced by  Matt Smith who looked really young and eccentric, but does a great job of acting.

Doctor Who has traveled with many companions, usually female, and in the new series I am undecided as to which one I like the best.  The character of Rose was a sexy love interest and set the standard.   Donna Noble was eccentric, manic and loaded with personality.   Martha Jones was more of a professional.  Amy Pond gets great credit for being cute and smart.  I am really starting to like Amy.

As far as outstanding episodes, here are a few:

1. Blink
2. Amy's Choice
3. Human Nature and The Family of Blood
4. Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords
5. Smith and Jones
6. The end of time
7. The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances
8.  Doomsday
9.  Rose

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We have to wait till December until we can see the Christmas Special.  New episodes won't start until spring.